Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Fans are not happy

Hey, TNA/Spike.... what the freal is going on over on the Spike website?
Is anyone bothering to read your ever growing list of comments other then the rest of us fans?
As of my last hit to your website, you had 4 fans wanting to know where Before the Glory (the Oct 7th 2010 episode) was and why it's not posted?
I'm still waiting for Reaction from that night myself. And as always the MMG Spike blog as I am addicted.

But yeah, it is a pain in the arse for those of us who either do not have cable or just do not get the show in our areas and have to rely on the Spike website in order to see the show.  This is the one time you can take me seriously.

Oh and while I've got you here, what about a half hour show once a week (if you haven't done so already and me just not aware of it)  of the best match of the week?  Say one match from Impact and one from Xplosion (that is the right name of the UK show isn't it?) for those of us who don't get that show?

Love Ardeth Blood