Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Oct 25th 2010.....Further adventures of the TNA fans

No one really likes Monday mornings.  They suck really.  Even more so for the fans of TNA wrestling as of late.  Cause here it is Monday - three full days since the last broadcast- and we are still waiting for someone to do their job over on the Spike site and up load the shows.  119
119 is the number of comments as of 9:40am this morning, with roughly 13 of those complaints on the show.
I understand that you have a big network to run, I do, alot of shows to compile and upload for not just Spike site but for the many iTunes worldwide, as well as just having hosted the Scream awards. Dude I totally get that maybe you guys have gotten really busy the last two or so weeks, not too mention it's sweeps time ( or at lest when I used to be in production nearly fifteen years ago this was sweeps time) and you need to really push the new shows you have going.  
My solution,  grab an intern or someone young enough to be able to stay up late and do the uploading.

And if this is a TNA production issue... DUDE! You are not going to get any sympathy from me. You should know better.  The fans are really not happy. Both with the product the last few weeks and with the drenny web schedule.  I'm still waiting for Reaction from the 21st to be posted.

Okay, this was a rant before coffee this morning, on this Monday which here is rainy, so I won't even get into the opening credits theme song right now.... I'll wait till there is at lest 122 angry comments on the Spike site, or till after lunch which ever comes first.