Saturday, October 2, 2010

Can you wait for 10-10-10?

There is power in numbers.  Old saying, true saying.  Numerology is never wrong and the power of a date is always important.   (6-6-6. 7-7-7, 8-8-8. 9-9-9, 10-10-10, 11-11-11, 12-12-12 and even 1-1-11/1-11-11)

Let's break that down shall we, which is 1-1-1=3.   Three is a female number, and the Goddess number.  It's also the Empress card in tarot.

3 is the ultimate power number when it comes to magick.

BUT IN THIS CASE,  I am referring to the date of next week's pay-per-view that TNA is holding.  They've been promoting it by jamming us with Abyss' taunts and threats that on 10-10-10 we; the wrestling fans (that would be you and me; my TNA Spudguns)  will finally  finally find out who the mystical "THEY" are that the Monster has been rambling about.

Well, I think it's safe to say we all know who "Janice" really money's on the secretary.
I also know alot of fans have snooped  behind the scenes and have fleshed out the big secret. I have not.  I am loving the plot they have Abyss in right now.  Yes you read right,  I love his storyline.
I plan on being shocked and awed next week on the episode after the ppv when those of us who do not get to see ppvs will find out.

But it would be fun to guess would it not?   Here's who I think might be the mystical "THEY"  Abyss is talking about.
  1. JCW.   I think it's the Dark Carnival.  Yes I do. 
  2. It's Samoa Joe.  Remember few months back he was kidnapped and was talking about a "they" as well and the story was dropped. I think Samoa Joe is "the They" Big mastermind
  3. Daniels.  Maybe he'll make his big return and be the mystical "They"
  4. It is all done at Universal Studios, maybe the They is Robert Englund.  Wouldn't that be a kicker if Freddy Krueger was the one whispering in Abyss' ear?  
  5. It's Brian Kendrick.  He's Jedi mind tricked Abyss into thinking there is some big master one eyed flying purple ... Jedi mind tricked him hard. 
  6. Or it could be the worst possible thing yet and I do not even want to utter it... what if in real life the company was bought by... the competition?  I made a comment about that last year this time and I am more then afraid if that ends up being the case. 
My money's on the JCW.