Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crazy morning

Saturday, Oct 30th 2010, Hell Night/Devil's Night. 

All I can say is something is up.  Normally on Oct 30th I don't like to leave the apartment, and if I do, then I always make sure I'm in before dusk.  The crime rate seems to be tenfold on this night here. The sirens for firetrucks and medics have already started and it's not even noon yet.

You know when you get an odd feeling, like right before the phone rings and you're thinking of someone then they call, or a slight anticipation then you meet someone new?  I'm having something along that line this morning and it's driving me nuts.

Simply put, something is up and I can't put my finger on it.

I've been trying to watch this week's Impact on iTunes, but I just can not seem to concentrate at all.  The birds that live on our roof and in the neighbour's tree have been silent all morning.  You know something just isn't right when crows and magpies stay huddled together in silence.  I saw on a show once that crows can identify people that come into contact with them on a regular basis, that in itself is off putting.
We all know animals and birds can smell fire before humans can. Like I said, it's Hell Night and already something is up.