Saturday, October 2, 2010


In Jane Austen Book Club,  there is a line that says "High school's never over"

dude that is the truest statement ever.   I've been finding the older I get, the more people that I come in contact with, are acting like they are still in high school. 
Now, I've been more then up front with my prolonged immaturity (I want to be 12 forever)  but the cliques have got to go. 

The internet is the worst for it too. 
Yes I get it that society breaks off into little formulaic groups for comfort and survival, but shouldn't these barriers come down on the net?  Isn't that what the whole point of websites are for?  To expand the communities?

Now, I have been introduced to  some great people because of the internet, but still that has been out numbered by the cliques and the Stepford mentality.  Brings to mind that old saying "I'm an individual like everyone else"