Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey ref -hair match

I used screen capture for this post

Who would I have to bribe to see those two teenagers Generation Me loose in a hair match and get those greasy looking ponytails removed?

* ripping wooden stake out of boob tossing it to the floor in a sloshy clank, fills wound with mugwort and peanut butter* 

And while I am here, nagging lovingly with molasses,  I just thought I would tell what's his handle that he really needs to take a few acting lessons or something cause his so called "cockiness" when he comes to the ring, which I am sure was perfect for just house shows (the over exaggerated gestures and facials)  on tv with the camera doing close ups, makes you look like you drenned yourself.  Like you're airing out a diaper or something. Not very attractive, so yeah you need to work on that.

*oh what now, it's only a small flesh wound that stake made. You knew I'd be back. Besides, the tomb gets really cold this time of year*