Friday, October 8, 2010

Do not say you have this

I was told last night at the meditation class, when I remarked about being there in hopes of getting over my latest case of writer's block; that I shouldn't say I have writer's block.

But I do have writer's block, so why should I not say I do? 

"Because", Derek said, "If you say you have writer's block you are telling yourself you do and creating more of it. Therefore do not say you have it.  Say You Do Not Have It, and then you will bring yourself out of the writer's block. Easy." 

Okay, let me try this.... I do NOT have writer's block, I do NOT have writer's block, I do NOT... nope still blocked.

So not only do I have writer's block with my novel, but now it would seem I also have it with the two short stories on this bloggy-blog that I am working on (Lights out in the Library and Dear Miss Bates)
Which according to Derek my meditation teacher (and the graphic artist who is working on my cover art for my novel) I do not have writer's block.