Sunday, October 24, 2010

Could you win my love?

You know when you're sitting around the bus stop or coffee shop or whatever and you hear bits of other people's conversations.  Well, I was coming home from the grocery and as I stood there at the corner waiting for the traffic to stop,  I heard a couple of teenaged girls talking about these two poor guys who had gotten into a fight over one of their friends.

Admit it, the idea of having two lovers fight for you is a turn on.  It's like the ultimate chick fantasy, what countless movies/soap operas/books are based around.
So what would it take to win your love?  It seems the two teens I heard talking; didn't take much, just a guy with a flat lip who "almost got his front tooth chipped but thank god he didn't cause like that would have been gross"

You know me, that whole thing got me thinking.  Now, as a writer I've written a million storylines over the decades that have just that, two people fighting over one lover.  But let's get realistic for a moment.  Knowing my personality from this blog, what kind of guy would ever try to fight for me?  Stop laughing it could happen.

They would have to be guys who would fight with words more then fists. Or you know, swords.  Like something out of Princess Bride.  But I think picturing some sort of battle of the bands/spoken word poetry - word off would be a hell of alot funnier don't you?
Or two geeky types throwing back and forth the most creative insults without being allowed to swear... oh or a cook off... okay yeah now I'm just being retarded I know.  But like I said, over hearing those kids got me thinking.

Seriously, maybe a submissions match.... or you know buying me a vampire movie that I don't have yet would win me.  I'm that easy.

And whoever the hell told Shania Twain she could dance lied... lied big time.