Monday, October 11, 2010

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 11

Boxing Helena.

Plot: A very wealthy surgeon is in love with Helena, but she does not return his feelings. After teasing him constantly, she ends up in an accident outside of his house and needs surgery.  He is unable to repair her shattered legs and must amputate them. Helena ends up living with him, where he continues to make her into his version of Venus by also removing her arms. The deeper he goes into his obsession, the deeper she goes into her own version of manipulating him.

One of the most disturbing movies I think I have ever seen.  This is by definition both a Frankenstein film (the surgical recreation of Helena) and Jekyll and Hyde film (the personality altering in demented control) asking the question of when does obsession and lust cross into one.
As other Frankenstein based films, you have to wonder who the real villain is, the creator or the creature? 

The 1993 movie plot was turned into a song by the group the Misfits a few years later for their cd "Famous Monsters"