Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 28

Nicolas Cage (1964-?)

Known for being both an action hero and the guy who makes really great supernatural themed films.
Cage has done nearly everything in the genre from vampires (Vampire's Kiss in 1988/89) to goblins (Munchies in 1987) to ghosts to witches to demons.  (Face Off  could be considered a Frankenstein movie)

In 1988, Cage played the character of Peter Loew in Vampire's Kiss, an overworked and underpaid business man who believes he's been bitten by a vampire. Soon, he is chasing down birds in the park and attacking young girls in his office.  This movie is known as much for the stunt where he ate a live bug then anything else.

In 2006 he took on the role of Edward Malus in the remake of The Wickerman, where he played a detective who, after witnessing a horrible freeway accident is asked by his ex to help her find her missing daughter. Hoping to escape the nightmares of the accident, he sets off only to find himself at the hands of an island cult.