Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brilliant move

Mom's appointment was an all clear.  Good to know, we are all feeling better about that.

So after her appointment, I went back to mom's to catch the replay of last night's wrestling.  While I was there, I checked out today's The Talk.  I admit, I've gotten bit addicted to this new show.  So anyways, there I am having a coffee, listening to the show which today was about bullies; and I hear the one host say "You're favourite wrestler is..." and I don't even look up cause I'm thinking the other company right, anyways then she continues and says "... TNA ...."  so I put down the coffee looking at the tv getting hopeful expecting to hear the name A.J. Styles or Abyss, or you know big time hoping it's Chris Sabin but she says "...Jeff Hardy."  And poof just like that the kid on the show freaks out and there is a video of Hardy.  Damn.  BUT BUT BUT I hate to admit it, a very very very brilliant move on TNA's part.  Very brilliant move.  That 40 seconds of promo for TNA... genius pure genius. 

I would have asked for Sabin if I had been the kid.