Saturday, October 16, 2010

TNA Reaction for Oct 7th 2010

Only a week late but hey, it's up and just maybe we'll see this week's before next week this time on the Spike website. 

We pick up in the middle of the battle royal. {First half run down here} And Alex Shelley got tossed by Abyss (well that's what you get Mr. Shelley for trying to do sliced bread during a battle royal...toasted)
Samoa Joe was tossed by Abyss.
Robert Roode was tossed by Abyss
James Storm was tossed by Abyss
Tommy Dreamer was tossed by Abyss
A.J. Styles was tossed by Abyss
Hardy was tossed by Abyss
RVD joined the battle royal as the last man in then was tossed by Abyss sort of... RVD went running at him and Abyss ducked sending RVD flying -Abyss then was sort of eliminated by RVD as that was all happening, as they both were a tangle of bodies
Mr. Anderson was tossed by Kurt Angle - Angle wins.

We cut to camera 2 and Tommy Dreamer shows us his broken wrist... dude!  I did not need to see that (I'm going to have nightmare flashbacks of my own broken parts all night now)

Cut to camera 3 which is footage of Hogan getting surgery.  This episode is a living nightmare for me.

Cut to camera 4 which is Kurt Angle talking about having just won the battle royal. Then he confronted Mr. Anderson. 

Well, I hate to admit it, but Reaction has gotten better over the last few weeks. I did not think it would even last this long when it first started few months ago, but it's gotten to a decent level. 

My big complaint has more to do with the stability of the video on the website. It tends to stall alot and crash the whole site on me.  I know I'm not the only one who is having issues trying to watch the shows on the Spike website. But there are so many of us who can only see the show on the Spike site.
I understand having the last match of Impact carry over to Reaction, keeps people watching. But, once again, for those of us who do not have any other means of seeing the shows, it's a pain in the arse to have to wait sometimes all week between seeing Impact and seeing Reaction.  So editing crew/website person  please please be faster with the uploads every week.

The Live Reaction gets a C+