Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new blog...sort of

I was asked to contribute to a book blog.  It looks like a high tech system. In fact it is.  This publishing group are listed on amazon... as in the news feeds are part of amazon.  I'M SCARED.
I can not swear, must be child friendly with my comments and posts, and will be part of the official Amazon news when I post. 
This is sort of what I have been waiting for... sort of.  They asked about six of us bloggers so far, one of which is a published author.  He's doing the "publishing horror stories" theme.  a few others are just along for the ride. 
I have no idea what I should say for my first official serious post on there specially given it's going to be an official news feed. From what I have been able to uncover, this is a new publishing group.
It totally looks legit, my one real concern actually is one of the other contributors.  He's a religious freak. I've bumped into him on a few other sites, and lets just say Spudguns, he's not very vampire friendly.  But I swear on a stack of Anne Rice novels, I will not go near his posts unless I'm invited.