Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pest Control!!!!

I went to moms for supper, and at about 5pm was getting ready to leave when I opened the door and found the hallway of the building swarming with what looked like wasps.   I stood there swearing for a few minutes while mom grabbed the bug spray and we sprayed the hall.  
And I mean the HALL. 

They were on the light fixtures to the point you could not see the lights,  the walls, the rug which is a grey and blue was shimmering with them and the neighbour's door.   I closed mom's door and sprayed around the door.   Then called the housing department who own the building cause there is no manager living in her building.   I was on hold for 20 minutes.  Finally the lady said  "That building's address sounds familiar let me check something."  put me on hold again  "we had a call twenty minutes ago about a hornet's nest at that building. Let me connect you to pest control"  Another few minutes of waiting.  "they're not answering.  I'll ring up the Nurse's station and have them call you back"   Mom's in a senior's building owned by the city housing so okay makes sense.   Another five minutes go by and they call us back.

The lady puts me on hold once again till she finally gets ahold of the pest control guy and patches me to him.   He says to tell me where the hornets nest is.  I didn't see one.  Tell him again they're everywhere.  He says it will be tomorrow before he can come check it out.  There's me screaming at him.  Trust me, I've got the audacity to yell and nag wrestlers on the internet openly, you better believe that I had no patience for this pest control dude.  He then said he'd be there in a little bit,  not to spray them. 

Took him half an hour to get there.  And of course we'd already sprayed them before we called so naturally the worst of it was taken care of.  Large puddles of dead whatevers on the floor between mom's apartment and the neighbour's.

He tells us they are just ants.   That they came up from the floor boards during the brief storm we had.  Really?  You want me to believe that those are ants and that today of all days for no other reason than it was today that they decided to jump up from the floor boards.  And if that's so, then why did they never do that before and how come the lights are swarming with them as inside the lighting fixtures?  How did they get on the top side of the rug when there are no edges?  No rips no tears?   And why do they look like wasps?  And why did the lady on the phone from the city housing say there had been a call from one of the neighbours just before us about a hornets nest?

Anyways, the pest control guy sprayed the hallway with the industrial stuff and did not even bother to check to see where they came from.

Thunder Bay sucks ass.