Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Aug 3rd 2010

Ever have a day where you just do not get it?

I've been waiting a week to hear back from the doctor's about my x-rays that were suppose to be booked already.  Nothing so far.   So freal it,  I called my Uncle and asked if he'll take me in the morning to the hospital.  I'm actually terrified that I might need surgery on my back or hip as I can not move without massive pain and horrible crunching noises.  Bones should not grind when you bend.

I was saying last week to my Aunt,  that every time I've had a major health issue, it was because something important in my life was about to happen. 
It's literally been the universe's way of making change my plans and stay put to let whatever it is happen without me running away.   From brake ups with boyfriends, to my grandmother's death to something as simple as changing careers. 
What the hell could be so damned important this time that I need to be immobilized to that extent? 

I'm not dating anyone, the so-called "career"  I have going right now is all computer stuff so what the hell does the universe have up it's sleeve?  Why do I need to be ... broken again?

You know what,  I'm angry.  Angry and bitter right now.