Saturday, August 21, 2010

He sliced his fingers off

So I go to mom's to watch this week's NXT and Smackdown, and she's laughing when I get there.
You all heard me say a billion times my parents have not been together for nearly 15 years, nor do my sister or I have anything to do with his side of the family.  Well, last few months Richard (my dad) has been phoning mom a lot because he's health is bad and face it he's scared cause he knows he's all alone now.
He had called about ten minutes before I got there today, and mom was laughing. 

He sliced his fingers off with a saw. 

I do not know what to say on this.   I hate the man.  Yes, hate him,  but how is it funny that he sliced off his fingers?  
He had been working with a table saw, without any back up and all four fingers on his one hand -not sure which- were sliced almost totally off.  He was in surgery for 6 hours the other day.

You are asking why and how did a grown man of 60 years old, end up slicing off his fingers with a saw.  Simple,  as always Rick was drunk out of his mind.  Guess that's why mom thought it was funny.

My ex, Dargo had done something similar when he used to work at the mill. Two of his fingers on his one hand were a different colour slightly after they fixed them.  Not pretty.