Friday, August 20, 2010

It's been a messed up 24 hours

I have people suddenly following my dead Twitter account.  Five people in the last few hours have decided to follow my old Twitter that has not been used since November of last year.

I received emails asking me to add a bunch of stuff to my horror site, which I have not had since March. It's long since been taken down. And few people knew about it to begin with.

Yesterday, I bumped into my ex-boyfriend's younger brother.  I was out with my mom and he was standing beside us in line at the OHIP building.  He kept looking at me, I'm just glad he did not try to talk to me.  Specially since I do not tell my mother anything about my boyfriends/lovers.

One of my emails, the one I use for book reviews,  was cloned and used to spam for porn.  I found this out because one ended up in my own email box.  How messed up is that?  I had to deal with the email host. 

I got stood up by Single Dad again last night.  I don't even like him, but yet I've said yes to dating him twice in the last month. 

Still have not figured out what that sick feeling was about from last night. 

I think it's time to get my astrology charts done again. It's been a few years. I usually like to do that myself, as I have the books and am trying to learn how to cast charts. But every so often you need someone who knows what they are doing.  There is just so much math in doing charts and numbers have never been my strong side.

Once again I am blowing off work which means I will be rushing to finish the 3 books I have to do for review by the end of next week.  But you know, right now the way I am feeling I just do not care.
I can hear the Life Coaches now telling me that is a drenny attitude to have if I want to succeed at anything. 
I have not worked on my own novel in about two months.  But, I do have a nice new plot line for my zombie/vampire script.  So that has to count for something right?  Right?