Friday, August 27, 2010

Spiders and movies

I think I managed to read 4 pages today of the book before I had enough.  I could not stay in the apartment and ended up just grabbing the first bus down town.  Ended up at the craft store and then the cinema.  Something was tugging at me to see Eat Pray Love  again. 
So there's me, sitting watching this film, focusing on the idea behind it and the scene when she's at the Ashram in India meditating,  I wanted to jump up and just scream "I don't know who I am anymore."  But I did not. 
I sat there like a good little girl and listened to the giggling teenagers.  Then I went to the mall next door. Wandered around like a lost puppy looking at all the sales. 
Coming out of the mall I happened to look up at a sign for Urban Outfiters.  There were two massive brown spiders on it.  Just the size of a tub stopper.  Huge.  I do not think I've ever seen a spider of that type that big. 
While waiting for the bus,  I looked over at the street light, and there was a spider web that you would have mistaken for hallowe'en costume webbing.  I walked over to it and touched it.  Icky, it was real.
On the bus, and the dude sitting beside me was wearing a SpiderMan shirt.   Okay, that's way too many spiders in a day let alone a 45 minute time frame.  There is something going on here I need to pay attention to.  So I looked it up. 

Spiders= connected to the Goddess Athena (a goddess of war, wisdom and skill) .  Spirituality, art, succubi, fertility, immortality, birth, death, sex, destiny, wealth, power, balance from past to present, understanding illusions and realities, and communication. It's also seen as a symbol of female independence. 

Okay, a movie about finding your balance in the physical and spiritual side of yourself then a bunch of spiders.  That was my afternoon.  How was yours?