Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Book Dork is In part 8

I know I usually do this series of posts from a humourous point of view, but today I'm not feeling it. 
You all know that I've been trying to build a book club for the last oh what year actually, and the last few months has been a rocky official start.  
Who would have thought there would be so many damnable road blocks to something so simple right?  Right. 
But there is.  And one of those has been the revolving door of members.  Main issue is that no one is agreeing on what we should be reading.  

I thought creating a Facebook page would help solve this.  Thinking, people could check in for date/times and leave comments for their choice of book for the next month.  BUT  no that didn't work either. 

For anyone who runs a facebook page for groups/bands/etc  you know you get the little stats updates once a week.  I know for fact I've been getting a steady flow of views for the group upwards to 60 a week.   Yet, where is everyone? 

I'm really really really hoping that after next week's get together for Eat Pray Love that people start joining more and sticking with it.  As I will be posting photos of myself and the other two ladies who are coming to the movie and the book chat.  Maybe seeing photos of the book club in action so to speak will help.

In the meantime   I started a blog for the book club for those not on Facebook.   Though I think my sister is the only person now not on facebook.  Or I should say who is No Longer on facebook.