Monday, August 2, 2010

When doing reviews this is the sucky part

you have to play nice.

Even when a book blows goat backwards you need to make it shinny and sugary.  

Why I think I love doing wrestling reviews,  I can be mean if need be and no one will care.  I can tell A.J. Styles that I think the large earrings he's been wearing the last few months are just wrong and hurt my eyes.   I can tell Kaz that he needs a haircut.... Kazarian you need a haircut... I can tell the MotorCityMachine Guns! that maybe it's time for a new tee shirt.   
And no one will get uppity with me. 

Well, okay you know that's not totally true.  I heard a rumour actually that Styles got a little bit of a lip wobble cause I said he had zero fashion sense and that Jay Lethal had to talk him out of eating a two pound bag of gummy bears because he was so devastated and that Eric Young had to get a group movie night together of the X-Division guys to pull Styles out of his depression over the whole thing.  Clueless and Notting Hill.  They wanted a Hugh Grant double bill but the video store had already rented Bridget Jones's Diary so they had to take what they could get.  

Nice and before coffee too.  Okay so I started that rumour just now.  And yes I realize that was two long run on sentences and a fraction sentence.  I'm creative not grammacial.

But now that I've let off some creative steam I have to go back to work and finish suffering through the sucky book.