Saturday, August 7, 2010

So I'm reading this book

Helen, one of the ladies from the wellness center,  told me, that she read this book in under 48hours. That she literally could not put it down.

I decided to borrow it.  I made it 5 pages in and this overwhelming need to get my own copy came over me.  So I just called the book store and hopefully will get there tomorrow to pick it up.

In the meantime, I will read the copy that she lent me.

You might be thinking "um why?"
Well, for one, I believe that everything happens for a reason to whom it does when it does.   This book came into my life right now for a reason, and it was brought to my attention by Helen for a reason.  And as soon as I finish reading it, I'll know what that reason is. 

And the reason for telling all this is that this, is what I was wanting from my book club.  I was looking for a chance to be introduced to life changing books.  Something that inspired and caressed the soul of the person who recommended it.   Wither it be a hard hitting biography or a sentimental romance or a tragic comedy.  
The point was I was looking to be introduced to a story that was the other member's favourite.   Something I was not getting from the lady who joined my book club. 

I was feeling really down about what I was seeing as a failure with my book club, but as my aunt pointed out to me, she was not serious enough and now you know what not to look for in members for the book club.

I have few real passions in life, books are one of them.  Up until a few weeks ago, I would have told you I had zero passions.  But the more I stopped trying to find my passion the more it was biting me in the arse.  BOOKS.

I own more books then anything else on this planet.  I have worked in a library twice in my life. I have been doing book reviews now for almost two years.  I am a writer. 

See, biting me in the arse.