Saturday, August 21, 2010

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was this Broadcaster.  She lived in a bubble of semi-truths and loved it. She had so many friends who really seemed to adore her.  Her name was Harley. 
Harley, fell in love with the life she was starting to lead. It was very cool, staying up all night talking about everything and nothing and the fact Naked Lunch was being made into a movie. Never sleeping all day because she had to be at the studio for 6:30am. Believing she and her friends would never grow old, never die.  It was fun being a media vampire. 
Then, one day, a day that started off like any other day, Harley found out that PoetryBoy was doing something really important and totally cool.  He was offered a spot on the soundtrack for the winter games.  He did a piano solo that was extremely emotional . He was fabulous.  But, this caused PoetryBoy to have to turn his back on Harley and their group of friends. Harley took this personal.  Very very personal. 
One night, after PoetryBoy had been in the studio recording, he decided to stop in at the coffee shop where every one was hanging out.  Harley was sitting with their mutual friend The Gerr-mister.  The Gerr-mister had been having a really bad week  and not paying attention to what was going on.  PoetryBoy stood at the edge of the table playing with a fork trying to say something serious, his long dark curly hair in his face, his leather jacket making crinkling noises and his little round Jon-Lennon style sunglasses just perched on his nose. 
Only, Harley did not listen. Instead she insulted PoetryBoy and stormed out of the building. That was in 1995, and she never heard form PoetryBoy again.  There was no happy ending to this story.  Harley soon gave up Broadcasting, and The Gerr-mister went on to release a few cds of his own with his own band and even have a few songs used in an independent horror film, which ironically PoetryBoy did the score for.  PoetryBoy became a solid fixture with the Symphony in Ontario.  
Harley, if anyone ever asked her, would say she has one regret in life.  Not listening to PoetryBoy on that particular night in 1995.  Being a moron and letting her temper get the best of her, in what would be the start of a long line of ruining friendships with the men in her life.  Running away from what is important to her. 
She would also tell you that she is a horrible control freak who can not stand surprises. If Harley could turn back time, she would go back to that night and just sit there letting PoetryBoy talk.  No matter how jealous she was of his success. No matter how unworthy she felt just standing next to him. 
The End.

Not a day has gone by in the last fifteen years that I don't wish I could sit down and talk to this guy.  Fifteen years is a lifetime. A really long time to let something sit heavy on your mind and heart.
Dude, listen to me, I'm starting to sound like a Hallmark card or something. 

On the extreme off chance that Mr. B. sees this,  I regret my stupidity. I regret my rudeness. I regret not being a better friend.  I was jealous of the fact you were so successful.