Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't drunk text me at 2am

I told you all before that a male friend got ... odd there couple of months ago. (the post "He's Jealous") And removed himself from my Facebook friends list.  Okay whatever right.

My point of view is once my good opinion is lost, you can't get it back.  Second chances are a rare thing with me. (I'm still working on the whole idea of forgiveness in general)

Anyways, I get a text come in at 2am. It's him, he's at the bar drunk. There's a shocker for ya. 
Buddy- Tell you what,  you get into rehab and stop doing what you did, saying what you said then maybe I'll text you back.

Guys. Why do you feel that texting from the bottom of your shot glass is a good way to do things?