Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Your box holds what

You're thinking "oh god the bitch is thinking again... never good"

In the movie Eat Pray Love  there is a scene where Liz's best friend shows her the box of baby stuff and tells her she'd been collecting it for years waiting. Liz then tells her she has one of her own, but it's filled with travel brochures. 
Most of the women I grew up with had done the same thing for their wedding and/or baby.  Collecting the ingredients for one or both in a hope chest or wish box since they were about twelve or thirteen.

I have neither.   I do not even have one for a career like Liz did in the movie. 

Tonight's one of those nights where I am wondering about all this kind of stuff.  Did I miss out on a big part of my own destiny because I never wanted "the normal girly stuff"? 

Dude, I do not even know what I would use for a hope chest.  Could be too late to even start.
I think I am babbling into the wind tonight.  Too much information and not enough brain to hold it all.