Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th 6pm

I hate the heat  I really really do.   Can not handle it at all.   So I went to mom's once again because she has air conditioning. 

Decided we were going to have homemade pizza for supper.  So there's me trugging around the grocery and I bump into this guy Barry who is the best friend of the husband of my friend Erin.  
Nice fellow, talks with a thick southern Ontario accent that is half French and difficult at times to understand him,  but nice fellow.   I asked if the boys got to do any fishing this summer, given Erin works full time and her husband has to stay at home with their twins. 

Have I ever mentioned that Erin's husband is in a wheelchair?
Anyways,  Barry said they have not been fishing yet this summer cause Erin's working all the time and her husband is home with the twins. 

Then I trugged on getting the stuff for supper and went to mom's.  I watched this week's NXT and was extremely happy to see that Husky Harris is up in the rankings.  I happen to like Husky Harris.  He's got more talent then half of the guys in this season's show and damn it I think he's cute.

Then we made the pizzas, and watched Oprah.   It was the Eat Pray Love episode.   And all I could think was,  damn it Janet,  I forgot to bring my camera to take a photo of the pizzas for the cooking blog.   I've been at mom's most of this last week and a half, and we've made pizzas, date squares, apple brown betty, and about 3 different types of pasta and potato salads.   None of which I have been smart enough to grab the recipes for or take any photos of for the blog.   See, the heat is really getting to me.