Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another sucky thing

I'm not even getting requests for book reviews at this point,  I am just getting emails with a picture of the book's cover or the links to the book trailers now.

It's like once you get going you become not even your blog but just a random email.
Some guy I've never heard of,  a company I've never heard of sent an email to me, without any introduction or even a "would you be interested"  but just the cover shot of the novel. 
The first thing out of everyone's mouth when I say I review books is "How much do you get paid for that?"
I don't.  I get the books for free.  I started this cause I love books. Continued cause I thought I might be able to network a bit. 

My buddy Gerry asked me why I have not become a music reviewer,  then at lest I would get free cds/tee shirts/concert tickets.  Maybe I should. Might get a little more respect.