Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's in your cucumber sandwich?

When Erin and I were kids,  she used to host tea parties in her back yard.  This was done about twice a summer.  This we were to find out years later,  was a way to keep us kids out of the house for an hour while her mom got together with a few of her friends.  

I remember one thing from these rare and fabulous tea parties.   The cucumber sandwiches that the next door neighbour Mrs. Gilbert used to make.  
She was the neighbourhood babysitter.

Now, years later,  do you think either Erin or myself could remember what was in those sandwiches besides cucumber.  Of course not.  But we've both tried countless recipes since. 
(I am collecting a few recipes that Erin's grandmother used to make all the time, and must remember to post them on my cooking blog soon) 
My latest idea, and honestly one of those interesting kitchen accidents that sort of makes sense, is a cucumber and herb cream cheese sandwich.

Supper simple. 

Half a cucumber sliced or diced
2 table spoons herb and garlic cream cheese
2 slices tomato (optional)
ground table pepper (optional)

Embarrassingly simple but so damned good. And it only takes about 5 minutes to make.