Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yeah that was brilliant

It's +32 Celsius here and I wore long sleeves.  I'm totally hot, and not in a good way today. 
One of those days were I just do not want to be here in this frealing apartment cause it's depressing. So I took my depressed ass to the grocery.  

Remember I talked before about ExpressCheckOut-Guy well, I'm standing there in line with my mix matched batch of groceries, and I look over at the dude totally taken off guard.  He used to have that messy Chris Sabin hair thing happening,  now, buzzed it right off. 
Okay, so I was putting this guy at 23-ish that was with the long shaggy hair look,  now you can actually see his face, all of it.  Including the wrinkled lines.  Now I'm thinking ExpressCheckOut-Guy is more likely to be closer to 28-ish. 

Anyways,  I without thinking cause I'm brilliant for talking without thinking ahead of time,  I say "Oh you cut your hair" 

Like that's not the most obvious thing on the planet right. Right.
And he just beams at me saying "I wasn't sure you were going to notice."

He wasn't sure I was going to notice.  
Um okay. He's cute, not drop dead gorgeous or anything but cute in a local bad boy teenaged fantasy sort of way, so I think it's safe to say every straight woman who's been through the store today noticed.  Then he proceed to tell me he did it himself with a razor. 

Why is it when I get pissed off with my hair and start hacking away at it myself it ends up looking like, well that I got pissed off and started hacking away at it myself,  but when a man does his own hair it always comes out looking fabulous?