Sunday, August 15, 2010

He ranaway

I've talked many many many times about my search for my ONE.  My soulmate.
I have mentioned in a previous post about omens (Thursday July 15th 2010)
and that might have been a mistake.  If he's reading me.  I might have spooked him.  And no I can not say who HE is as he's not in my life yet.  I'm talking in broad terms here.

I mentioned how when your right side of your body itches it means your true love is thinking of you, and how for months straight every night at the same exact time my right side specially my shoulder would start to itch and no matter what .... well, it's pretty much stopped now.  What was a floodgate is now a slow drip.

My friend's husband said maybe I scared the guy if he was a regular reader, or maybe he's dating someone or something. Could be who knows Eh?

This is what I know for sure.   I have to partake a spiritual journey.  So to speak.  Honestly, at this point in my life I have no idea what that will mean. 
It could mean something massive like a new religious path and going on a pilgrimage.  It could mean something as mundane as forgiveness for some issues in my past.  It could mean just working more with the Life Coaches.   I have no clue right now where I stand looking at things.   I just know that HE won't come into my life till I've either completed it or at the lest made steps towards it.

Don't you love it when I get all Oogy-Boogy on you? You know you do. It makes you tingle.

I will tell you this much about when I finally do meet up with my Soulmate.   There will be sparks. As we've seen many strange things already;  bloody wolves chasing us through some blue inferno... oh wait that's Dracula right. Sorry was watching it earlier and that line Keanu Reeves says when in the castle always sticks in my throat for a few hours.

Honestly, I figure it will be something super simple and comfortable like the guy walking over to me the second he spots me and either being totally compelled to hug and kiss me like some cheesy romantic comedy or he'll rest his chin on my shoulder and wrap his arms around my waist also like something from a cheesy romantic comedy.

Or maybe he'll just stare at me and drool a bit before tripping over the cuffs of his pants and falling flouso on his face and eyes, with my luck spilling his coffee on me.  Then he'll stammer and blush and look at his shoes but only after the ever so uncomfortable and unneeded boob graze as he tries to wipe up the spilled coffee off me with the tail of his tee shirt.  Where upon then he'll most likely smash his skull into mine knocking my glasses off kilter and bruising us both.

Well I think we all know which senario I'm more likely to end up in.  And wouldn't that make for a sweet first date.  A trip to the fracture clinic.