Friday, August 13, 2010

My Thoughs on TNA Impact for Aug 12th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada sort of loved me this week.  As it was available for download this afternoon.   This was the special called the "Whole F*N Show"  that would have been the ppv line up this past week had they not had the hardcore stuff.   A brand new show was debuted this week at 11pm EST following Impact, but it looks as if it's not available on iTunes Canada.  If it does become available or if the Spike official website decides to post it, I'll start doing reviews on it.  

We opened straight up with a match between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle.  This was another one of Angle's contender matches. Working his way to the top of the list.  This was also non-title in regards to Styles' TV championship.   I think guys,  this is a match I'm going to add to my list of favourite TNA matches, and do a full post on just it at a later date when I have more time.  But for now I'll tell you that Kurt Angle won.  And remember,  what's on the line in this series for the contenders is their spot in the rankings, and for Angle it's his job.  If he looses even one match in this Top Ten series he retires.    Check out this sweet tattoo Styles just got done.  I love a man with ink.

Speaking of Ink, Jeff Hardy put out an open challenge and Shannon Moore took him up on it.   Hardy ended up getting the win but Moore gave him a hell of a fight.  It's no secret that I am not a fan of either of these guys but they did put on a hell of a match.  I'm actually impressed.

Mr. Anderson vs Matt Morgan the evil druid vs the Pope.   Morgan stole this one. 

RVD vs Abyss in a hardcore match.   RVD won then all the hardcore icons came down and half Flair's crew came down for a 5 minute beat down.

Now, to what we've all been waiting for.... And the MotorCityMachine Guns!  vs Beer Money Inc in their final round of the best of 5.  Both teams are tied as we go into this match 2-2.   
Just a bit of a recap for everyone.   
  1. A ladder match that was won by BMI
  2. A street fight that was won by BMI
  3. A cage match that was won by MMG
  4. An Ultimate X match that was won by MMG
  5. This is a best 2 out of 3 falls.  This match ran 20 minutes with no breathing room at all. 
You know how wrestlers are always saying stuff before the match trying to look tough,  ever wonder what it is they are really talking about?  I like to think they are exchanging recipes or asking how their moms are doing or something mundane like that.  Yeah, I'm going to imagine that Alex Shelley and James Storm were talking about how much they loved my last blog post.  James Storm always looks angry, even when he's happy he looks like he could rip your arms off and chew on them a bit. 

Chris Sabin and James Storms started it off with a collar tie up, Storm using a thumb to the eyes on Sabin then a series of punches.  Storm then with an arm wringer/armbar on Sabin, keeping him down on the mat for a moment. Storm then with a side headlock on Sabin before both men started to bounce off the ropes. Storm with a shoulder block and Sabin then managed to leap frog over him.  Sabin swept the legs out from under Storm for a moment, going for a pin but Storm kicked out.  Storm then pulled Sabin to the mat and went for a pin but Sabin kicked out.   Both men to their feet and went for the same move, each catching the other by the knee.  Bit of a standoff for a few seconds before each dropped and took a step back.  Both Roode and Shelley then tagged in. 
They went for a collar tie up with Alex Shelley getting backed into the corner. They started exchanging chops until Robert Roode raked the face of Shelley getting the upper hand.  Roode then with a go-behind but Shelley got to the ropes hanging on and turning it back to his favour with a shoulder block.  Then off the ropes, Roode ducked down to the mat but Shelley countered with a drop elbow.  Shelley then with a roundhouse sweep that took the legs out from under Roode letting him set up for a tilt-whirl head scissors take down.   Roode responded with a tilt-whirl backbreaker on Shelley going for a pin but Shelley kicked out.  Sabin then tagged in.
He used a springboard then a running bulldog on Roode setting him up for their trademark doubleteam flip and drop kick.
Sabin then for a pin on Roode but Roode kicked out.  Storm then tagged in with a series of hard punches to the back of Sabin's skull getting him down on the mat.  Sabin got back to his feet and fought out of it, then turned his attention to Roode on the apron knocking him off.  Mistake on Sabin's part as then Roode grabbed him by the ankles slamming him down hard on the mat from outside the ring.  Storm then outside of the ring as well, with a kick to the right ear of Sabin knocking him totally out of the ring onto the floor.
Back in the ring, and BMI then doubleteaming Sabin for a moment before Storm sent Sabin back into the corner then tagged Roode back in. 
They doubleteamed him again in the middle of the ring, Roode going for another pin but Shelley in to break it up with a simple thumb to the eyes.  Sabin then gets Roode to the corner and went for a float over, and gave Roode a beauty of an enzuigiri.
Shelley then tagged in and used his sudden stop on Roode on the second turnbuckle, then turned his attention to Storm with a hard forearm that rocked him backwards.  Shelley then had them both in the middle of the ring for a double running bulldog.  He went for a pin on Roode, but Storm broke it up.  (We are at the ten minute mark by my clock) 
Roode then grabbed Shelley and went for a catapult/flip but Shelley stopped it and stomped on Roode. Sabin then ran in the ring and they got a double team on BMI, with Shelley going once again for a pin but no dice.  Sabin then tossed Storm out of the ring to land on the apron, where upon he swept the legs out from under Storm, and Shelley with a springboard double foot stomp on him.  Sabin then turned around and was facefirst into a boot from Roode.  The Guns! then with their trademark step ladder move (the announcers calling it a Sabin Dropkick) sending Roode outside of the ring.  Both Guns! then took to the air with Shelley landing a suicide dive on Roode and Sabin with a crossbody block on Storm. All four men down on the floor in pain. 
Storm and Sabin are now trading blows in the corner while Roode is in the middle of the ring.  Storm uses the second turnbuckle for a hangman DDT planting Sabin face first into the ring apron.
Shelley in the far corner going for a double foot stomp on Roode, but Roode got out of the way. Roode then had Shelley up on his shoulders and got him in a modified gut buster letting him stumble right into Storm with a back-stabber.   Roode then got the pin Shelley.  
First round to BMI   
Roode then with a series of stomps on Shelley still  in the middle of the ring, and a choke out pin attempt but Shelley kicked out. Storm then tagged back in with a hard punch to the guts of Shelley and then I was distracted by the fact that Shelley fell to the mat and was grabbing at Storm and ended up with his hand in Storm's tights.  Then got kicked in the skull.  Roode then tagged back in and they doubleteamed Shelley with a suplex.  Sabin then tagged in.
Duel drop kick by Sabin to both members of BMI before tossing Storm out of the ring.   Roode then in the corner and was given a stereo kicks by the Guns!  Shelley tagged back in and got a wicked looking crossbody on Roode for a pin on him. 
Second round to MMG
Roode pulled Sabin off his feet in the middle of a move, causing him to land on his nose on the apron. Storm went flying over the top rope to land on Sabin, then Shelley suicide dove onto Storm and Roode did a belly flop on everybody.  All four men outside the ring on the floor hurt once again. 
Back in the ring a moment later, and Sabin got turned inside out by a clothesline from Roode.  Shelley then removed his elbow pad and delivered a series of forearms to Roode before BMI doubleteamed him again.  They went for another pin but Shelley kicked out.  Shelley now in the corner and Roode is just laying in hard rights knocking him to the mat. Storm tags in and they send Alex Shelley to the far corner taking turns charging at him.  James Storm was going for a top rope move but Shelley turned it around getting him in a tree of woe then with another double foot stomp on him.   Chris Sabin and Robert Roode both tagged in, with Sabin landing about four running forearms on Roode.  Sabin then in the corner and gets a hurricanrana sending Roode half way across the ring.  He then managed to get a springboard DDT on Roode going for the pin but only got a two count. 
Storm tagged back in and they tried another doubleteam on Sabin but he managed to counter it letting Shelley come in for a doubleteam of their own.  Sabin went for the cover on Storm but Storm kicked out. 
Both Guns! with their stereo mule kicks on Storm but instead of taking him down, he answered with a super kick to Shelley's jaw.  Sabin then with a high kick to Storm.  Sabin turned around and landed right into a double R spinebuster from Roode. Roode then catapulted Sabin into a DDT from Storm. 
Shelley then went for his trademark sliced bread but it was countered and both BMI dropped down to their knees letting Shelley's neck and jaw slam hard on the shoulder of Roode in a modified hangman -jawbreaker move. 
Shelley then managed to get a crossbody off the top rope on Storm, letting Sabin go for a pin, but Storm kicked out.   Then Alex Shelley was perched on the ropes screaming his head off at Storm before going for a second crossbody on storm. Once again, letting Sabin go for the pin. This time he got it.
Third round to MMG
They won the best of series and are still the TNA tag champs.