Thursday, August 19, 2010

Something bad is going on

I have been ignoring the cards.   The Devil and the Tower by themselves are powerful omens, usually in regards to something sudden that is about to happen. 
The Tower card is the card of Chaos. Not always a bad thing.  The Devil card is the card of soul power and intense magnetism. Again not always a bad thing.
Pull these two beside each other in a spread and all hell breaks loose.  That would be a bad thing.

I have not been listening to the cards;  yes I know I know, after 20 years as a Tarot reader you would think that of all things I would know better and not ignore them.  What do you want me to say other then my head's been up my ass okay. 

In 2004 I got this sick feeling and knew my then boyfriend was about to leave me. I ignored it. The break up destroyed me.
In 2006 I got this sick feeling and knew I should not go to the volunteer job I had.  I ignored it.  That was the day of my car accident.

I just came online and got this sick feeling again.   Those two tarot cards have been coming up in my readings for weeks.  

Something bad is about to happen.  Or I should say just did, while I was typing all this.  The sick feeling was overwhelming and now I sit here, drinking a cup of tea trying to sort it all out. 

The last few days I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog post about falling out of love.  I keep stopping myself from actually writing it.  I'm not sure that's what really is happening. 
I know I am at a crossroads in my life where I don't know who to trust.  I keep falling for the wrong guys, trusting the wrong "best friends", and just sitting back waiting.

Whatever it was the shit is about to hit. 
I've said it before about omens,  when your right side of your body itches, your true love is thinking of you.  Every night at the same time my shoulder itches.  Tonight it was starting and then the sick feeling.

Seriously, I'm sitting here now trying to figure this all out.  And I can not. 

If this has something to do with the guy who is my ONE,  then I'm not sure I want to know.