Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 5th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it this afternoon.

A.J. Styles went up against Rob Terry in a rematch for the Television Title.  Rob Terry was just tossing Styles around for 90% of the match, then Styles with a low blow and a paylay turned it around for the win.

Pope went against Orlando Jordan.  And yeah, you know I get that Jordan is doing what he's doing to get into the minds of the rest of the wrestlers but it's over much really.   Then Eric Young came out and started to play with the money Pope has come from the ceiling.  I am really not sure how I feel about Young and Jordan teaming right now.  Pope got the win.

Street fight between Ric Flair and Jay Lethal.  Flair wrestled in a suit and Lethal ripped them off him exposing not just Flair's underwear (I'm ripping my eyes out as we speak) but ripped them half off too. Flair got the win when Douglas Williams interfered.

Abyss/Raven vs Dreamer/RVD.    RVD pinned Raven for the win then all the hardcore icons got into the ring and it was a mess.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Beer Money Inc in round 4 of their best of 5 series. 
They started by cutting a wicked promo between Chris Sabin and Robert Roode.  Very nice touch having Sabin not blink as he stared Roode down. 
Okay I have to ask, what is with the facial Mr. Shelley in the promo shot? 
They started off by both Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin running and trying to get up the ultimate X, but both Robert Roode and James Storm dragged them down. All four men were then running from corner to corner with  forearms and hard clotheslines. Both members of BMI were sent out of the ring and then both Guns! with doublecross body blocks on them.  They gave us a bit of Ultimate X history with the fact that Sabin has 3 previous solo X wins and the Guns! as a team with 2. Umm... I do not think I've ever seen an X match where Shelley has actually won... Sabin then like the little monkey he is was climbing the ropes while Shelley was laying in punches on Roode.  Storm dragged Sabin off the ropes and rocked him with a hard punch to the jaw.  With Shelley on the mat, Sabin managed to use him for their trademark step ladder move knocking Roode out of the ring. Shelley then with a drop toehold on Storm letting Sabin use a modified bulldog on him. With some strange noises coming from the Guns! I think someone left a microphone too close to them.  Shelley with another drop toehold on Roode as he came back into the ring, getting a double facebar while Sabin tried once again to climb. They broke out grabbing Sabin and double teaming him by sending him hard backwards into the corner. This gave Shelley a chance to start climbing but Roode pulled him down with an inverted atomic drop before monkey flipping him right into Storm for a DDT. Both BMI then argued over who was going to climb the ropes before Roode started. The Guns! then pulled him down getting both Roode and Storm in a tree of woe and set up for Sabin's hesitation drop kick; which was backed up with Shelley standing on Roode's crotch. Shelley then started to climb once again while Sabin was being sideslammed in the middle of the ring. Storm managed to dragged Shelley down and nearly took his tights off him in the process. Shelley then went for his trademark sliced bread on Roode but it failed and he landed back first into the backbreaker by Storm. Storm then slapped Shelley hard in the corner knocking him down, just before Roode came over and picked him up by the hair. Shelley let out a sound before he got up which makes me wonder if he had something dislocated for a second? Sabin was on the floor for most of this. They then got Shelley in the far corner for another round of double team moves before Storm once again began working on the jaw of Shelley.  Roode managed to climb over half the ropes to the X before Shelley got him by the foot and dragged him down. Shelley then delivered a mule kick before spiking Roode with a wicked DDT. Shelley then with his double foot stomp over Storm onto Roode.  Storm with his eye of the storm on Shelley in the middle of the ring. Sabin then finally back into the ring was climbing and got stopped by Storm. Sabin then got a hurricanrana off from the cables then turned around to get a double R spinebuster from Roode. Storm was then stalked on the apron by Shelley who went for his sliced bread off the apron hurting himself in the process. Mr. Shelley!  Roode then went to the steel structure climbing the ropes and walking them like a tightrope, while Sabin climbed them the usual way, letting Sabin get the X for the win. 
Roode fell hard looking like he might have busted his wrist and Shelley looks as if he damaged his knee. 
 This makes the MMG and BMI equal with 2 winds a piece. Next week will be the final round.

There will be a special next week called the "Whole F*N Show"  which is what the original ppv for this month was meant to showcase.