Thursday, August 19, 2010

TNA Reaction for Aug 12th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

Full week behind, and that is because I had to wait for the official Spike website to post it.  Does not look like iTunes Canada will be carrying it. 
So this is done "documentary" style.  Mockumetary actually.  Looks as if it's going to be a vehicle to make Dixie Carter a tv star.  
Can you tell I thought it sucked goat balls. 

We saw Kaz and Styles talking backstage about how they are unhappy. 
Devon bleeding on the floor ranting while they showed a too long flashback from the show.  Cut To Camera 3 and Dixie is talking to Dreamer who is also bleeding on the floor.   So basically, we have all the soap opera crap that used to be on the show.  Which is fine, if they want to keep it all on one hour and let Impact be wrestling. 

Cut to Camera 4 - MotorCityMachine Guns!  we have a small recap of their match for the belts and snips of them backstage. Was Alex Shelley just totally out of breath trying to scream at the camera or had he been crying? Chris Sabin had to take over the interview.

Cut To Camera 5- Recapping the KnockOuts.  They made it seem from Angelina Love's interview that the curtain was dropped, but then enter the rest of the girls and ....moving on

Cut To Camera 6- Dreamer in the backroom talking about how Flair screwed  all of the hardcore guys in the last match.  Nice way to try to make Fortune the next thing. 
Cut To Camera 7- Beer Money Inc talking backstage about the belts and getting them back.

Well, it sucked.  But then again, most soap operas do their first episode.  Anyone coming into things and turning on the show without having seen anything in the past of TNA, would have little issue catching up with things.  But all in all,  it blew goat balls.

Reaction gets a dissatisfaction from me.