Friday, August 13, 2010

The Scroll Keeper

I started this post a few days ago, and have been debating if I should talk about this guy here or not. I'm deciding I am going to go ahead and chat a bit on this guy. He's new but not new if that makes any sense. But then again when have I ever made sense.

You know in Ghostbusters how the GateKeeper needs to get together with the Key Master to guard or unlock or whatever it is they are suppose to do as the Powers That Be's little monkeys.

I was laughed at when I referred to this one guy as Scroll Keeper elsewhere on the internet. Everyone was saying that not only is that a crappy handle that it did not suit him.

Shut up yes it does.
They kept pointing out that
A) he does not work with scrolls or papers or books of any sort
B) he has never to our knowledge ever worked in a library or book store
C) he's a screwball to the tenth degree

See now, I see the practical side of The Scroll Keeper. And what else can I tell you other then he's got a very grounded sense of himself. I keep seeing him in dreams in a stupid little v-neck sweater with a diamond pattern on it carrying a stack of books and notes. I get from this man a sense of solidness and surety. He knows who he is and what he wants in life without falter. To me, that seems like a scholar or a high priest or just someone on a path of knowledge. (I'm tired and running out of words tonight)
This is a man who has all his Chakras in alignment and is wrapped in peace.

I have no idea what his role in my life is. I just know it's important.

And why am I talking about him? He's been popping up in conversations as of late.
I've had a couple of people tell me that I should get over King Dork and that perhaps Scroll Keeper is a better suited match. My friend's husband went so far as to say to me that Scroll Keeper has been keeping his distance because I've been so on about King Dork.
Hang on? Really? What? My friend's husband is usually fairly ... well he's right 90% of the time.
This isn't the first time someone has said this to me either. Over a year ago, I was told I should think about Scroll Keeper. By an internet friend and not even anyone who knows the whole issue.

This is why it's just so much simpler for me to like my X-Division guys. Normal, average guys are so complicated. Maybe I should just ask Mr. Sabin to marry me less complicated then the regular guys I deal with.