Saturday, July 31, 2010

Books books books and yeah

I'm reading Emma and the Vampires right now.  And it's got me thinking. 
Some of you might remember me having done a list of all the men of Jane Austen novels if I were to cast my dream version of the novels as movies.  I had a split of half wrestlers half actors. (on my book blog last winter)

Reading this now,  I could see a few of the female characters being more inline with some of the wrestler's personalities. 

Yes, I just said that.  
Shall I say it again for the cheap seats in back.   I can see there are more then a few wrestlers who could be very well fitted for the female characters.    Like Mr. Shelley,  I think he's a total Emma.  I do indeed. 

And for anyone who's read Pride and Prejudice (with or without the zombies)  I totally see a connection between Ric Flair and Mrs. Bennett.  The mom who is all about marrying off her daughters to the richest men in the city.  Wonder how he would look in a empress waste skirt and bonnet?