Thursday, August 19, 2010

A deep freeze is for storage

Okay, I was chatting with a friend of mine and we were talking about grocery shopping.  I started to remember hanging out with this one friend and her husband.  Sweet sweet people, but he's got a weirdness about food.  My friend spends more time and money then she needs to at the grocery because her husband will not eat anything that's been in the freezer or leftovers either.
I have always wondered where he gets this oddity from.  We may never know. 
I had stayed with them few years ago for a week, and my friend had to put the kids in a bath.  I was helping her do that when she asked me to clean the kitchen.  I go to the kitchen and find it clean, the dishwasher on and coffee brewing.  I head back in to tell her and she slumps over at the shoulders and was like "He cleaned didn't he?" I nodded thinking isn't that like the best thing on the planet a husband who cleans up after dinner?  My friend goes "he threw it all out.  We could have had leftovers for lunch tomorrow but go look I know he chucked it all cause he does not like the idea of leftovers" 
I go to the kitchen and just look in the fridge.  Nothing there.  Yeah he threw everything in the trash.
Grabbing two coffees I headed back into the bathroom to hang out with her while the kids were in the tub, and we got to talking about it.  She tells me when I go downstairs,  check the deep freeze.  "You'll find frozen veggies and bread. And fishsticks for the kids.  He won't eat anything that's been frozen."
I had wondered why my friend had gone to the grocery every night to get chicken or hamburger for their dinner. I did my own meals as me being veggie.

Now, most people if they have the room for a deep freeze, will use it to the best of the space. That means filling it up with meat, breads, leftovers, a turkey what have you.   What's the point of having one if you are not going to use it? 
And he had a beer fridge so he wasn't even using it for that.

All I have to say is when my soulmate comes into my life, I hope he has better kitchen sense.