Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eat Pray Love - Movie Time

 I look like such a hoser here.  But hey, guess what, I got out of the apartment.  Yay me!

You're favourite ghoul next door spent the day with a some of the girls from the Superior Shores Wellness Center, hanging out at the cinema and coffee shop.

We went to see Eat Pray Love   and surprisingly enough I did NOT cry.  I thought I would,  I had even brought a small pouch of kleenex because you know me,  I cry over everything.   So top photo is me laughing like a moron because Helen was making me laugh.  She's a brilliantly funny lady.  Gotta love her.  That was taken at the coffee house.  

That's my Aunt Maggie there in the white. 

Loraine and Helen.

The movie was fabulous!  All I have to say is JAVIER BARDEM!!!!

Yes that is all I have to say about the film.  How could you not fall in LOVE with Javier? 

All the ladies in the book club/movie group today were great, fabulous to hang with. 

Then Helen and I took off to the coffee house where I did a tarot reading for her and we had a chat about the book "Camino"  by Shirley MacLaine.    So, Books -Movies-Coffee.  That's my idea of a great fabulous day. 
I downloaded a new vampire movie from iTunes Canada  called "Suck"  that I plan on watching tonight.  Been looking forward to that one too, it's got Alice Cooper and Henry Rollins in it so it should rock.  All puns intended.

I do not think I will give a plot of the film for any kind of review because  I really want people to see this movie.  I don't want anyone going in with my thoughts and views on something.   I know, you my Spudguns are thinking "What? She does not want to tell us her views?  Is she okay? Should we worry?"  
Seriously,  this is a film that you need to see yourself without a critic/reviewer's thoughts pre-put in your mind.