Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh my god it's Tuesday

And you are thinking "where the hell have you been?"
I know I know, I never go this long without some sort of post.   Here's the rundown. 
  1. I have been very engrossed in this book by Shirley MacLaine
  2. I had another doctor's appointment yesterday
  3. We're having a heat wave and my mom's place is air conditioned
  4. I'm very engrossed in this book... still 
Seriously,   I'm suppose to be doing "Mr Darcy's Little Sister"  for review, and I've been bad so to speak because I've been reading the "Camino"  instead.  Which I'm sure will make me scrabble like a mad person next week to have Mr Darcy's Little Sister finished on time.

My doctor's appointment yesterday did not get me anything new.  Other then another appointment in October.  The x-rays reported "old fractures and could not detain if they were the cause of the issue"  but the actual emergency room doctor's report said "chipped vertebrae and compression fracture"
Here's the thing for anyone who is not aware,  any time a break/fracture/chip etc looks even slightly like it's beginning to heal (not freshly done in the last 48hours) it's considered an old break. 
So basically what the x-ray tech has learned is nothing.   Because of my O.I. Type I,  my body is a road map of "old breaks"  and they could not tell what was truly old and what the cause of this issue is now. 

Fun Eh?

So, I'll be a bundle of laughables this weekend when myself and my aunt Maggie and Helen go to see Eat Pray Love  trying to sit long enough in the cinema chairs.   I see massive amounts of painpills in my future this weekend I do in deed.