Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Starting to hate internet big time

I had a myway.com  email account now for the last 4 years.   3 of those years I've been using the account as a place to keep my novels as I finish each draft. 
I also had notes from the last few years of my occult studies.   

An hour ago I went to send something to the account.   It got returned to sender saying the account did not exist.  
I was able to log in no issue.  But to my horror,  it was empty.   No emails in the saved box, no saved box no contacts no nothing.      That's 4 years gone in smoke.

Photos that I had emptied out of my computer and poems and did I mention yet drafts of my novels plus all my credit card information.       This is officially a meltdown. Completely and utterly a meltdown.