Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well and he plays bass

The evil one is laughing at me as she says this over coffee.  Right, an Erin story.  (I need to get some new photos of her,  last one I have is her meeting Phil Lewis  from 2004 when we went to see L.A. Guns. ) 

Evil One: But Gibby, you'll I think like this guy cause you know he plays the bass.

Me:  That's all you've got is he plays the bass?

Evil One: I thought you loved bass players. Come on now, that whole Nikki Sixx thing.

Me: LOVE bass players.  HELLOOOOO have a bass.

Evil One: Which you never learned to play.  You still have that?  I thought you were going to sell it?

Me: Still have my bass.  Should sell it.  Going to sell it.  Soon. Promise.  Maybe.  Anyways, look who's talking over there don't be throwing the Nikki Sixx comments around with you and your years of Kelly Nic...

Evil One:  Shhh!  Careful with that.  The Man's sitting in the other room. You know how he gets when we talk L.A. Guns.

Me: (laughing now )  Kelly Nickels.

Her Husband glares at me with that daggers look. We changed the topic for a minute then got back around to music and our favourite bass players.  The list went something like this
  1. Nikki Sixx
  2. Kelly Nickels
  3. Rachel Bolan
  4. Paulo
  5. Dave Ellefson
  6. Gene Simmons 
She thinks Gene Simmons should be higher up the list,  I do not.  That was a two hour conversation on it's own.  Which always ended in her saying (But it's Kiss.  They are rock there would be nothing else if it wasn't for Kiss) 
Everyone's a Kiss fan.  I just don't see why he's got to be on the top of the list.  Then more arguing and many Kiss cds later she forgot what the original reason for the bass player chat was. 

Hahaha! I rock.