Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Miss Bates (a beginning)

I was told I had made the list for Blogger Of Note by the writers group, so I started working on this last week. Thought I might add it before my "spotlight".   If you liked my last short story  He's Haunting Me   then you might like the next chapter in the series.

Hi   Too informal he thought. 
Dear Adar Too much like he was trying too hard.  Cooper  looked down at the flashing cursor on his screen, letting out a deep sigh.  He hit the back button again removing the short line leaving the writing box white again. 
He scratched at the short dark hair as he thought some more.  How could he let her know what he thought of the whole issue if he couldn't even find an opening line?  Mindlessly, he sipped at the cold coffee beside him and decided he needed to get a refill.  
The office was still just beginning to show signs of life as he peeked out over the edge of his cubical. Smoothing down the crimson red tie, Cooper moved through the empty rows of desks to the equally empty staff room. There was no coffee made yet.  His shoulders slouched on their own accord as he realized he'd have to make some.  This was why most of the staff brought their own coffee in the mornings in snazzy little travel mugs.  So they would not have to be the one to make the first pot of the day.  No one ever seemed to agree on the amount to use, as some liked it as strong as diesel fuel others as week as coloured water. 
Coffee grinds flew everywhere as he stumbled from the slap on his back.  Cooper turned to see Vincent standing beside him laughing.  "What's shaking bacon?"  he said putting a large box of donuts on the table behind them.  Cooper scrapped up the fallen coffee grinds dumping them into the sink. 

"I hate it when you do that.  And nothing."  he half turned back to look at the bald British man. "Have you seen Adar.  I haven't seen her in the office lately. She on vacation?"  he hit the start button on the coffee maker. 

"What you haven't heard? She's in hospital. Went on assignment few weeks ago and the guy went psycho on her." Vincent said stuffing half a glazed donut into his mouth before continuing. "Claimed he was a vampire."  The bald man straightened his own black tie looking in the small mirror that sat over the sink before going to his own cubical feeling smug. 

 Cooper stood still, in shock his blue eyes wide as he tried to process what he'd just heard.  Adar in hospital cause some dude ,what bit her?  He suddenly felt a sick rush beginning to creep up from his stomach and raced to the men's room.  The dark haired male stood a few minutes later splashing cold water on his face as images ran through his mind.  He'd heard on the news a few days ago when driving to work about a series of vampire styled attacks, but no names had ever been given out.  He had no idea that Miss Bates had been one of them.  The bile forced its way up his throat again leaving Cooper shaken and with a bad taste in his mouth.  
The door opened as Ted walked in.  It took Cooper a few minutes to realize he was talking to him. He snapped out of his stupor long enough to hear the end of the joke. 
"And the Newfie  says to his girl,  but I'm in no position to see the stars."  Ted laughed at his own joke, his long hair slicked back.  "You're not laughing. It's funny cause they're having sex and they're in a car ... Cooper you okay, you look like something my dog vomited up."  Cooper nodded, sniffing then moved on back to the staff room.  

The scent of fresh coffee did not smell as good to him as it would have normally, it just seemed to be like acid burning his nose as he poured himself a cup.  He sat mindlessly at his computer not paying attention to the files he had opened that were already two days behind.  He jumped as someone slammed into the side of his cubical.  Looking up, he spotted Jake.  
"You ready?" Jake asked, his short bleached hair gleaming in the artificial light. "Vincent's waiting with the guys from G-Tec." he chewed his gum noisily. 

"The presentation.  No, I am not ready I completely forgot." he scrambled reaching for the presentation folder he had sitting on top of his small filing drawer. He started to scratch at his side and then stopped.

"What's wrong with you, got fleas or something?" Jake asked still chewing on the gum.

"New tattoo." 

Part 2 soon....