Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stop the presses, Mercury is in Retrograde

The planet of communication is doing a 3 week backslide which started it this past Thursday. (now you tell me)  This means miscommunication on all levels.

YOU KNOW HOW I ALWAYS JOKE ABOUT BEING FOUND DEAD UNDER A PILE OF FALLEN BOOKS, IT ALMOST HAPPENED!   I went to get a book and two boxes of books toppled over on my shoulder. Damn you planets going backwards. 

Mercury is the planet that governs communication, commerce, electronics, anything that you need to be skilled at, agility and speed, intellectual energy,  perception, reason, memory, speaking and writing.  Transportation screw ups are high on the list of things to expect will happen, as will computers crashing alot.
Your nerves, arms, hands and fingers are all ruled by Mercury.

Mercury in retrograde motion (until September 12th 2010)  will warp how you understand the world around you. 

DO NOT GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP DURING THIS TIME as it will explode in your face.