Tuesday, August 31, 2010

end of the month

What does it bring?
Well it's a Tuesday so it's new release day.  No idea what movies are being released today, as I have not been to Blockbuster all month.  So hang on let me check iTunes... okay, they have not updated their stuff yet, isn't that a kicker. 
Mom has her appointment at the hospital today,  and I must correct a listing from yesterday morning,  tomorrow she goes to the eye doctor for him to double check that she still needs the eye surgery then goes next week for the actual surgery.  Yesterday was to our family doctor to make sure she was healthy enough for all this.

Aug 31st also means that tomorrow is Sept 1st.  A day that sends panic and dread into me.  Tomorrow will be 4 years since the car accident.  Yeah it was 10am on Sept 1st 2006. 
The nightmares have not been as bad lately but still there.  Except for the nightmares, it does not feel like it was real. Well, and the scar on my right ribs and the slight breathing issue I have when trying to climb stairs now and my shoulder being a little mis-shapened....

I'm not good with serious - serious freaks me out.