Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 19th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it available Friday morning,  I just was not in the mood to do it.

We open with Abyss and Hardy all over the place.  The announce team a bit off their game.
This ran for the first 7 minutes by my clock before they got things "under control".
Up next was Eric Bishoff with letting everyone know that the belt is now empty and a tournament will start for the new number one contenders.
So the first round is Jeff Hardy vs Rob Terry.  Of course, Hardy won.
Next round is Jay Lethal vs Mr. Anderson.  Mr. Anderson won.
KnockOuts match next, Love vs Rayne.   Love won and kept her title.
Back to the tournament, Doug Williams vs Kurt Angle.  Angle got Williams to tap out.  This match was the highlight of the night I think. 
Next round was Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Pope.   Pope got the win.
A.J. Styles vs Tommy Dreamer in the main event.  Styles got the win because of Abyss interrupting. 
And the MotorCityMachine Guns! they just recapped a piece of their interview from last week's Reaction reminding everyone they have a match next week.

I used to love wrestling.  But, if you have been reading my stuff the last few months -how lazy I've gotten with the reviews,  you know I've fallen out of love with it. I have not missed an episode of Impact since it debuted on Spike in the fall of 2005. All the talent and skill that the wrestlers present every week,  I love these guys what can I say,  why lie about it. I think they are fabulous and deserve all the press we can give them. Make their ratings jump.
When I started doing this,  it was fun.  I started with just a few lines once a week commenting on the gimmicks and asking why certain feuds were shut off midway.  Who would have guessed it would become my most popular posts.  Before I knew it, I had people googling for results every week and messaging me about the show cause they missed it. (This lead to the silliness that I spun into and decided to run wild with).  And a start to a tiny trend as now, there are so many fans out there doing weekly reviews, not just the big official sites, but the "little guys" so to speak. And I certainly was not the best at it,  just the loudest. And hopefully the funniest.  And alright  the rudest.
But things were said, feelings were hurt (on both sides of the blog) and well, for the "six or seven" of my faithful readers, my TNA Spudguns, I'm letting you know I'm pulling back a bit. 
I know I know, there is a locker room filled with X-Division guys who are going to be without their weekly dose of drooling and praise, weeping into their soup, unable to do anything but toss and turn and wonder why their favourite blogger left them, and didn't even leave the recipe for the molasses cookies,  maybe rip their hair out and spit on a microphone.  Specially the ones who haven't had many screen shots and were waiting for their turn to be given a close up.  Sorry boys.
But  this Renfield got staked.

Doing these reviews/commentary posts for the last few years, has helped to springboard my confidence like you would not believe.  As a writer, it was a way for me to show off my my semi-serious side and my sharp tongue. And helped me get the few interviews I have (outside of the business as I never did land that Sabin interview) done in the last year. Which I would not have been able to achieve as I had a terrible fear of celebrities.  By doing this and my silly posts, I have gotten past that. Mostly.
But, we do create our own ties that bind. Or so the Devil card would keep telling me.
As my readership grew, so did the pressure to make it bigger and bigger.  Talk about falling into a trap Eh? I wanted to turn my little blog into something that mattered to others, to the people I was trying to connect with.  To put it bluntly, I failed massively.
I should have stepped back months ago when the whole thing stopped being fun and started to be a cause of headaches and stomach cramps. I wasn't "watching wrestling" anymore because it was fun,  I was attacking it like a bad sewing project that need ripping apart.
So my Spudguns,  check back with me in a few after this much needed separation. Who knows, maybe I will be closer to having my novel finished and then we - you and me my fiendish readers- can try to talk Mr. Sabin into being the cover model... no?