Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Omens

  1. When you drop silverware/chopsticks   it means company is coming
  2. When you spill water when making coffee/tea  a storm is coming
  3. When cooking rice if a ring forms on the pot you are about to get money
  4. When boiling eggs if they crack in the water you are about to get uninvited company
  5. When the broom/mop falls company is coming
  6. When your nose itches you have a secret admirer 
  7. When the bottom of your left foot itches you are to travel 
  8. When your left palm itches you are about to receive money 
  9. When your lips itch you will soon be kissed
  10. If you sneeze on a Saturday you will see your true love the next day 
  11. If you sneeze on a Tuesday you will soon kiss a stranger
  12. If your shoe laces come undone your true love is thinking of you
  13. If the right side of your body itches your true love is thinking of you
  14. If your ear is burning then someone is talking about you
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