Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wanna go see Twilight with me?

Um... er... ah... no?

I said not too long ago that I was done with dating sites.  I'm just tired of the bulldren and everything.  I've pretty much made a statement to the universe I'm not really going to date again until the Universe sends me the ONE.   
And given the fact I don't want anyone other then King Dork that is making things difficult. 
So tonight out of nowhere, I got an email from some dude on one of the dating sites I used to be part of.  I say used to, as I put all my profiles into hidden mode or deleted them all together depending on the rules of the sites.   Seems this dude starred me in his favourites before I put myself into hidden.

I have in my profiles that I like vampires.  So of course this dude picked that as an opening line.  And what is it with the men in this city that none of them "introduce themselves" ?   They all just demand or assume that you're so grateful they noticed you that they just make plans right off the top ?  I swear there is something in the water here, as in no one ever got totally over the Beaver Fever of 1998 (we had a full year where we could not drink the water in Thunder Bay as the source was over run with Beavers. The whole city was sick and had to switch to bottled water.  This has lead to many many issues with locals unable to drink anything but bottled or filtered water here now, myself included because of the long term effects) turns the men in this city to jerks. 

But anyway, my point,  this dude opened the whole thing with "Wanna see Twilight with me?"  
Um no. 
Then asked me if I wanted to go to the fireworks tonight.   
Um no. 

This is laughable,  I finally get asked out and I'd rather stay home and do the dishes.  And you know how much I hate hate hate doing the dishes.