Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let's Facebook

I was having a chat with my buddy Patrick.  And I asked him to give me TWO things he feels that He brings to the universe. 
And why would I do something like this?  Well Spudgun, because it was something that was needed to be asked.   The planet is shifting, we are shifting.  

So I thought, why stop there,  I want to see what other people believe they bring to the table.  What gifts do you bring to the world at large?   
It may have something to do with all the time I've been spending with the Life Coaches as of late too. I'm feeling great about myself and want to see the people around me feeling spiffy too.

Go to  my facebook and leave me a wall message telling me your two things.  Or comment here. Either way, let's see if we can open up some love. 

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