Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dear Beer Money Inc - I really hate ladder matches

I used screen capture for this post

Dear Mr. Storm and Mr. Roode.   Do not think that you are getting away without me nagging at you too.  There were four of you boys in that ring so you're getting a post.

Did I mention yet today that I hate ladder matches.

So I am watching this match and all I can think is why on earth would four men who are so intelligent and talented want to injure themselves like this?
James Storm and Robert Roode, you two are one of the best tag teams (besides MotorCityMachine Guns!) in the last 10 years.  You guys have the knowledge and the skill to preform X-Division or Submission matches without fault.  So why tell me, have you decided to reduce yourself to something like a ladder match?   I just do not understand.

This match was painful to watch so I can not even imagine what it was like for you guys to perform in.  Please, at lest tell me that you sent some warning to your families before hand as in letting them know you had this match, and them not just turning on the tv like the fans finding out.

I also hope that all four of you boys, when you went home to the people you share your life with (lovers/parents/children etc)  that they yelled at you all for doing a match like this.  And if they did not have the guts to yell at you then, well that's what I'm here for.

It's almost like you boys are trying to see who can end up in a wheelchair that fastest or something.  Please you guys, stop doing the more dangerous matches.

Love Ardeth Blood