Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh my god! There's some dude's crotch in my window

Picture it, your favourite ghoul next door, the Queen of Your Evil Dreams and heroine of bookworming, was hobbling into the kitchen to get a cup of tea, when I'm struck stupid by the sight of some dude standing on a ladder at crotch point in front of my kitchen window.

What the hoovers!   They are painting the building it would seem.   Would have been nice to have gotten some notice so that you know I wasn't spooked.  And because it's +29 degrees Celsius here and I was wandering around in just my slip.  Nothing else, just my slip.  I had to quickly hobble back to the living room for my sweater to toss over it. 

I mean, seriously.  Even when I'm involved with a man,  being face to belt area needs some warning.