Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mixed Feelings and Soap Operas

A year ago when I heard that there was a book that mixed vampires and Jane Austen (Mr Darcy Vampire) I was thrilled!  That was like the perfect thing for me, my two favourite genres.  
Now, I'm getting a bit more then sick of it.   Dude! Everytime I turn around now there is another one.   I have already read 3 of these in under a year, and have a few more coming at me for review. 

We need something new to sink our teeth into so to speak.  In everything.  In books, movies, tv shows, everything. 

There are almost no daytime shows anymore.  What happened to all the soap operas?  I admit, I used to be a soap opera junkie ( Guiding Light, As the World Turns,  All My Children, Another World, Passions, Loving/The City, Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful. = Another World was always my favourite. I loved Felica with her crazy hats and Cass with his well general craziness) I was a sucker for the show Loving  and it was a nice half hour soap that I could watch at lunch, race home from school sit down watch the show go back to class. And then when I got to college, they changed it to The City set the show outside in the real New York instead of just a sound stage, started a trend with shows.  All I really remember was Corey Page.  Whole reason I got hooked on Australian soaps (Heartbreak High, Neighbours, Farscape) And wasn't it the return of Morgan Fairchild to daytime tv?
Now you turn on the tv and the only choices seem to be Oprah, Doctor Oz or Rachel Ray.  Talk shows. More talk shows.  Or worse replays of those damned reality shows from the night before. 
(No I still do not have cable but have been hanging out at mom's alot)

Come to think of it, other then wrestling there really isn't any night time soaps anymore either?  We all had our favourites there too,  Grandma loved Dallas, mom watched Dynasty,   and mine was Knots Landing.  Watched the Colby's there for a few years too. 
See, I was a junkie.  VCR's died rapidly in our house because they were going 24/7.   That's just with the soaps,  not even getting into the other shows we used to watch. 

Then I lost touch with the world.  Sex and the City ended and I gave up having Cable.  I went totally tv free.   That's about the same time that I lost any kind of touch of what was in popculture too.

And the point to this morning ramble before coffee,  we need fresh ideas to feed off of.